Thursday, July 14, 2005

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Our Certificate of Marriage Our Picture from formal night on the cruise Carl and rebecca on formal night Me after the wedding My dad and Russ walking me down the aisle Our first kiss as husband and wife Tim after the wedding The Boyer Family Newlyweds My favorite picture Tim's favorite picture Yay!

Our Day at Disneyland

My Sister-in-law's family's brick in Disneyland

Tim in front of Rebecca's brick

Tim and Me at Disneyland

Tim in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Us in "It's a Small World"

Like our hats? Carl and Rebecca got them for us so everyone would know we had just gotten married. It was so cool!

Off Shore Fun

The front of our ship Carol on her way to Catalina Catalina A view from on shore Tim and me in Catalina Tim

Little burger? Big burger! Tim and me taking a quick break in Catalina Tim looking cute Getting ready to go on th glass-bottom boat tour Tim looking at the fishies

Us on the glass-bottom boat

Getting my hair braided in Ensenada

Don't ask...

Once again, don't ask...

Bein' silly in Mexico

Russ and Linda in Mexico

Me in my fancy sombrero

Tim's Indiana Jones Hat

I really like these!

Linda, Russ, Tim and me in the golf-cart thing we rented to get around Ensenada

If you can't drink the water...

This is a cool picture I took of Tim and one of our waiters at Viva Wings in Mexico


Tim in front of the boat on our way back from Ensenada

Bye Bye Mexico!

Fun on the Funship

Fern and Rita at dinner on the shipRebecca at the Captain's party A picture of me taking pictures
Carol at the Captain's party Looking at the pictures we'd taken Goin' in for the kill... The newlyweds Linda and Russ at the Captain's party Ron trying to figure out his camera... Ron and Carol out on the dance floor Brandon enjoying the view from Ron and Carol's balcony

Carol and Cameron Caiden playing with Grandma's shoes Carol on formal night Losing money at the casino ( You only have to be 18 to gamble on the ship) Tim losing too... Tim losing more money... A carved watermelon at the Gala Buffet

A ship made out of cheese... Chocolate carvings We had to try a Cuban cigar! Here's Russ with his... Tim with his...(what a tough guy) Linda... ( she looks lik she really knows how to do this!) yep..that's me! Russ,me and Linda on our last night together on the ship Russ, Tim and Linda Our housekeeper made this monkey for us out of towels! She made us a different one every night! Close-up ( those are my glasses she put on him) This is the elephant she left us- she used my new sunglasses from Ensenada on him. Hahaha!